Get Help

Alcoholics Anonymous
Scranton, PA area call: (570) 654-0488

Narcotics Anonymous
Scranton, PA area Helpline: 1-800-503-9456 [Toll Free]

Drug and Alcohol Counseling


SAMHSA State Substance Abuse Treatment Agencies

SAMHSA Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator

Scranton and Northeast PA

A Better Today, Inc.
1339 N Main Ave.
Scranton, PA
(570) 344-1444

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Assistance with Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options
Lackawanna County, PA

Community Intervention Center, Inc. (CIC)
537 Wyoming Ave
Scranton, PA 18509
(570) 342-4298

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Assistance with Drug and Alcohol Related Criminal Charges
Lackawanna County, PA

Lackawanna County Treatment Court
» Drug Treatment Court
» DUI Court
» Adult Probation/Parole Office (LCAPP)

130 N. Washington Avenue
2nd Floor of the Brixx Building
Scranton, PA 18503
(570) 496-1736

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4 Responses to “Get Help”

  1. Nearly 2,000,000 Americans Addicted to Painkillers says Benckiser’s Shill Website « S W A L L O W Says:

    […] here for a partial list of organizations in the Scranton, PA area where you can get […]

  2. Stats Can Be Rewarding « S W A L L O W Says:

    […] in awhile I do check… and I gotta tell you, when I see how many people have clicked on my Get Help link it feels great. It feels great to know that perhaps in some small way, SWALLOW has helped […]

  3. map Says:

    I am blown away by the lack of any mention of Ibogaine in the book “Pillhead”
    and on sites like this. Please investigate this amazing medicine that’s curing opiate addicts/trauma victims/misc. “addicts” all over the world.

    • swallowed Says:


      Sorry it took me so long to approve your comment (day-job stuff). I personally have read quite a bit on Ibogaine; it does indeed have a long history, and its use as a treatment for drug addiction sounds promising.

      Sadly, its status as a Schedule I controlled substance in the United States (as well as being controlled in many other societies) makes qualified studies, let alone treatment providers, hard to come by.

      I do thank you for your comment, encourage my readers to investigate Ibogaine, and will work on it as the subject of a future post.

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