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DUNMORONS Still NIMBY’ing Over Proposed Dunmore, PA Methadone Clinic (Local)

June 29, 2009

DUNMORE, PA —I feel really bad for Debby Schmidt. Debby is the representative of Habit OPCO, the Boston-based health care organization that wants to open a methadone clinic in Dunmore.

“I don’t hide things,” Ms. Schmidt said. “I’m trying to save lives. There doesn’t seem to be any desire to learn what we do at all.”

She is fighting an uphill battle against a backward populace that seem to believe that keeping a treatment center out of their area equates to keeping “addicts” out of their community.

And what these people mean by “addicts”—I shudder to think.


Check out the article and comments at The Scranton Times-Tribune website.

For some sad-but-funny comments from local DUNMORONS, check out my previous post: Dunmore, PA Residents Comment on Opposition to Methadone Clinic


Book Trailer: Joshua Lyon’s “PILL HEAD”

June 27, 2009



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Or you can watch the video over at Josh’s PILL HEAD blog, just click on the Morphine Sulfate capsule…


Demerol Did It??? Developing…

June 27, 2009

The Sun: Michael Jackson’s deadly cocktail of drugs

American Chronicle: Pop King’s Medic Faces Questions Over Drug Jab Claims

SWALLOW Blog Prediction: Michael Jackson’s Death involved painkillers

June 25, 2009

Dunmore, PA Residents Comment on Opposition to Methadone Clinic (Local)

June 24, 2009
Not in My Backyard!

Dunmorons Speak: "Not in My Back Yard!"

DUNMORE, PA —I’ve been following this (local) story on SWALLOW from the beginning, but only just recently felt the need to start participating in the comments being posted on this article on the Scranton Times-Tribune Website*, because the rampant ignorance was just becoming way too much for me to ignore.


Please enjoy some choice selections from the online comments:

  • “No one but themselves stuck the needle in their arm and made them junkies…”
    —by Jack
  • “Keep the crap out of Dunmore…”
    —by Tony Naro
  • “The people that have illegal addictions should be left on their own as punishment for their illegal activities.”
    —by Tim