Wal-Mart Pharmacy Defrauded out of 9,000 Painkillers

Scranton, PA Woman accused of defrauding Wal-Mart Pharmacy of 9,000 painkillers

See… now this is something. I am not going to get into too many details right now (I will get into them here soon), but there are so many holes in the way Opiate/Opiod Prescription Painkillers (and prescriptions in general) are filled by pharmacies that it’s down-right embarrassing. You will meet more resistance cashing a payroll check at your average bank than you will filling a prescription for a powerful narcotic at most pharmacies.

“Sara L. Bubser, 54, deceived the pharmacy for eight years until someone at Walmart recently called the doctor to verify the orders…” —The Scranton Times-Tribune

Where to begin? Let’s see… Most pharmacies will not check your ID. They rely on “pharmacy technicians” too heavily.  And the DEA numbers that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians count on to demonstrate “authenticity”… are a cruel joke.

There are little-to-no standards for the design of prescription pads. Ditto with procedures for phoning and faxing in prescriptions. I could go on. What went wrong at this Wal-Mart Pharmacy in this case? There are few details so far…




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2 Responses to “Wal-Mart Pharmacy Defrauded out of 9,000 Painkillers”

  1. Diana Lee Says:

    I always wonder how people get away with that stuff, but you’re right that it wouldn’t be hard. You just have to have the balls to do it & not care that you’re risking getting caught. Which I guess you wouldn’t be too worried about if you’re an addict. Sigh. It pisses me off that legitimate pain patients get treated like drug seekers by the medical profession, then people like this show up at pharmacies with forged scripts and go on their merry way. Something doesn’t add up with that.

    • swallowed Says:

      Diana: You are right, it is not hard… and it is done everywhere, every-way, every-day (trust me). I agree with much of your comment, but let me add that a lot of the “addicts” who end up making desperate moves like this started out as “legitimate pain patients” (trust me on that too). Thanks for your comment.

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