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Brian G., Author (and Editor) — S W A L L O W, Editor-at-Large

I created SWALLOW to provide a detailed analysis of popular media coverage of the epidemic of painkiller addiction.

My analysis is based on personal experience, and my opinions are just that—opinions.I am not a physician; nor do I provide medical or legal advice.

What I do provide, is an alternative source of news and opinion.

I encourage you to consider this issue of painkiller addiction—and how it is portrayed in the media—and draw your own conclusions.

But make no mistake; more and more Americans are abusing painkillers non-medically every day.

This abuse not only destroys lives, but casts a dark shadow on the many legitimate pain patients who rely on these medications to maintain their quality of life.

Whatever your opinion on the subject, we should all be able to agree that what I refer to as the Painkiller Epidemic raises some serious concerns—not only for users and their families, but for our communities as a whole.

In closing, if you or someone you love is abusing painkillers, even if provided by a physician, I strongly encourage you to learn as much as you can on the subject.

If you are a legitimate pain patient, I encourage you to get involved in the discussion. You more than anyone have much to lose.

Hopefully some of my posts here on SWALLOW can shed some some light on this issue.

Thank you for reading, and please send me your comments or links to interesting news stories.

—Brian G.

I created SWALLOW to wake you people the fuck up.

 First, let me be clear that I am not talking about legitimate pain management patients here—there are many people out there with serious pain, and for many, opiod therapy is a Godsend. A chance at life.

This website is not about them. We must not threaten their access to these medications in any way. But right now, they are getting caught in the crossfire.

I’m talking about seekers here. Casual users and addicts alike. As well as unfortunate, uninformed patients handed heroin-in-a-pill by doctors with no formal training on addiction. And there are lots of ‘em.

Parents – your kids are rummaging through your medicine cabinet right now. The numbers back me up on this. Percocet. Vicodin. It doesn’t matter. It is all the same.

Ask any real treatment counselor. Anyone who’s ever worked in a rehab. This stuff is not alcohol. Not weed. It’s all basically opium. That is what we are talking about here. Forget that it’s a pill. Think opium.
These are serious medications for serious illnesses and chronic disorders.  The meds are not the problem, the problem is us. The problem is our attitudes and lack of information. And the problem is here. Now. Read the fucking studies.

More people are now popping painkillers as their first drug of abuse than anything else – including marijuana. More  overdose deaths involve painkillers than those involving heroin and cocaine combined.

Forget the news. Follow the Internet. This site. My links. Read. Learn. And please—tip me off if I’m missing anything.


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5 Responses to “About S W A L L O W”

  1. dale Says:

    Emily Davis Cayton arrested again

  2. knowledgetoday Says:

    I love your site. Keep it up !

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