Dunmore, PA Residents Comment on Opposition to Methadone Clinic (Local)

Not in My Backyard!

Dunmorons Speak: "Not in My Back Yard!"

DUNMORE, PA —I’ve been following this (local) story on SWALLOW from the beginning, but only just recently felt the need to start participating in the comments being posted on this article on the Scranton Times-Tribune Website*, because the rampant ignorance was just becoming way too much for me to ignore.


Please enjoy some choice selections from the online comments:

  • “No one but themselves stuck the needle in their arm and made them junkies…”
    —by Jack
  • “Keep the crap out of Dunmore…”
    —by Tony Naro
  • “The people that have illegal addictions should be left on their own as punishment for their illegal activities.”
    —by Tim

  • “What in Gods name kind of benefit would this have to the residents of Dunmore?”
    —by Salvatore Clemente
  • “Lets deal with our problems first before we take the problems and “rehabilitation ” of others on our backs.”
    —by Salvatore Clemente
  • “Dunmore has enough problems lets not bring everyone else s here…”
    —by Not in my backyard
  • “N_O_T in our towns limits. It just dosn’t belong here.”
    —by Guess Who ???
  • “Once a junkie, always a junkie. Methadone is like putting a band-aid on a sucking chest wound.”
    —by Oh No
  • “I don’t want H addicts stopping at the Dunmore Candy Kitchen or Cara Mia’s!”
    —by Dunmore Buck
  • “I don’t want drug addicts getting their treatments and stopping at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a smoke.”
    —by Dunmore Buck
  • “I say keep them out for good. They don’t belong here. Not in my backyard!”
    —by Dunmore Buck
  • You people are crazy if you let this thing in.”
    —by Mr. David Foglietta

‘Nuff said? -Ed.



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11 Responses to “Dunmore, PA Residents Comment on Opposition to Methadone Clinic (Local)”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Sad scary and pathetic, but not at all surprising.

  2. George Clarke Says:

    Ahhh.. the stigma against methadone runs rampant. It is most likely OK for someone to rent a basement at the local church for an NA or AA meeting or two… Any zoning problems there?

    How about the people who take opiates for pain.. and exceed their prescriptions…become addicted to pills and need help for their addiction?

    They might be living next door to the school their kids go to and you might never know it.

    A town without a might really need one. It is all about compassion and respect for those with an illness.

    George Clarke Medically Assisted Treatment Advocate

  3. DUNMORONS Still NIMBY’ing Over Proposed Dunmore, PA Methadone Clinic (Local) « S W A L L O W Says:

    […] For some sad-but-funny comments from local DUNMORONS, check out my previous post: Dunmore, PA Residents Comment on Opposition to Methadone Clinic […]

  4. Mike Says:

    Just an observation…You left out the majority of comments and used the ones you did mostly out of context. Why yes, there are morons in Dunmore as there are morons blogging away on WP. However, in both places, people also make educated statements and decisions also and should be recognized at the very least to give your blogging credence.

    • swallowed Says:

      Wow “Mike”, thanks for the comment. Um, not sure of your point though… my post was ABOUT what I perceived to be idiotic comments, so yeah those were the ones I featured… under the heading “Please enjoy some CHOICE SELECTIONS…” And, I might add, below the link to the full article on The Scranton Times-Tribune website, which I ALWAYS provide for anyone who wants to read anything I’ve referenced.

      And “Out of Context”? I can’t even describe how sick I am of hearing that shit. It’s nothing but the cry of those who can’t or won’t stand behind what they say. The comments were directly copy-and-pasted and a link to the full article was provided… so exactly what CONTEXT was it that I left out?

  5. swallowed Says:

    P.S. “Mike” won’t be notified of my reply because he submitted a bullshit fake e-mail address. Exactly the kind of thing that cowards claiming that they have been “taken out of context” always do.

  6. john b dreher Says:

    hello dunmore, no clinic. i guess you prefer addicts robbing your residents and businesses. heroin addicts come and get their methadone and they are gone from dunmore. what’s the problem ? john d, pottsville, pa

  7. Lori McAndrew Says:

    Our children our dying and those morons don’t seem to care. Wait till it happens to them – Ya keep sticking your heads in the sand. Lets get the problem out in the open and stop hiding behind your ignorance. Only then will you be able to fix it. Lets get our kids (yes our kids, our children, not some homeless bum but our babies) some treatment instead of hiding them in a rehab for 30 days hoping they will be cured. If another one of our sons or daughters dies – then their blood will be on dunmore resident hands.

  8. Karen Pasqualicchio Says:

    I can name 5 young men from Dunmore who have died from overdosing on heroin. But that aside, the borough cannot afford this ill conceived fight. The only one who will gain is the lawyer.
    I spoke with one council man and he said he must follow the will of the people. Nice response but you are elected to lead, to explore the issues, explain it to your constituents and do what is in the best interest of Dunmore.
    It is a leadership vacuum and pathetic one at that.
    Please read the third circuit court decision concerning this.
    Dunmore will lose in court because we should lose. This is all hyperbole and ignorance.

  9. Lori McAndrew Says:

    when is the next dunmore council meeting? Lets go – they need to hear from us

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