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Stats Can Be Rewarding

September 1, 2009


I am not really into checking my “stats” (detailed statistics on how many people visit this website, etc.).

Really, I try not to focus on them too much. Probably because I already receive much more traffic than I ever imagined for such a narrow subject like painkiller addiction.

But, of course, every so often I do check… and I gotta tell you, when I see how many people have clicked on my Get Help! link—it feels great. It feels great to know that perhaps in some small way, SWALLOW has helped these people to make that first frightening step toward recovery.

So… while we are on the subject… how about you?


  • Click on the Get Help! link for a list of national and local (Scranton, PA area) recovery-related resources.

“Hey, that’s not a beer is it?”

July 13, 2009

So, I took my Boston Terrier, the fabulous Marcel Bernôn, to an out-of-the-way park on Sunday—as I often do—so he could have a little quality off-the-leash time. As I watched him act-a-fool, I was sipping an energy drink (the drug of choice of the recently sober).

Marcel Bernôn

Marcel Bernôn

A cop that was sitting in his vehicle, doing I-couldn’t-say-what, got out, walked up to me, and said, “Hey, that’s not a beer is it?” I replied, “No, it’s an energy drink, want to see it?” (He declined).

As he walked away, I thought how ridiculous it was for him to ask me that. After which I immediately thought how ridiculous it was for me to think that. A few years ago, there is a good chance it would have been a beer in my hand.

Life is weird.


“You want to feel better? Take a pill. You want to get better? Face the truth.”

May 28, 2009


The Tao of the Dog

April 24, 2009

Barking at nothing
Wagging at everything
This is the Tao of the Dog

(Think about it.)


Got a fur-friend of your own?

Check out the jacket that inspired this post at the coolest pet store ever… trixie+peanut.

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Help Spread the Word on Painkiller Addiction – The SWALLOW Blog Virtual Business Card

March 23, 2009



Please help spread the word of the Painkiller Epidemic by circulating the SWALLOW Blog Virtual Business Card.

SWALLOW is currently the only source of information dedicated to the epidemic of painkiller addiction. Send this card (or at least a link) to anyone you know who is taking painkillers (even if prescribed by a physician), or who is trying to quit taking painkillers…

  • Firefox: Right click and select “Save Image As” from the menu.
  • IE: Right click and select “Save Picture As” from the menu.
  • Send to your friend/s as an e-mail attachment.
  • Print-out and hand-out!

I can’t spread the word without you!


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