Deceased Cat Bounce


Speaking to a few people in the biz over the last week or so, the talk quickly turned to all of the coverage the Painkiller Epidemic was suddenly receiving from the media. The “death bounce” initiated by Michael Jackson’s passing was in mid-arc. In particular, Joshua Lyon, author of the recently published Pill Head: The Secret Life of a Painkiller Addict told me via e-mail that [media] outlets that originally had no interest in speaking with him were now banging down his door.

But as with Heath Ledger, and many before him, almost before it began… it seems to be ending. I’m still not sold on the drug-death-connection with M.J. anyway, but that is not the point. At least it’s not my point.

My point is that the Painkiller Epidemic is not a “Celeb Thing”. It’s not about movie stars and pop gods. It’s about millions of everyday people, pinching from Mom’s medicine cabinet, being turned on by friends, or becoming dependent after surgeries—and then finding themselves suddenly addicted. Addicted and alone.

It’s about how we suck at identifying these people, and it’s about how we suck even worse at helping them.

Note to the “Media”: This story is not over.


* In this context, “the biz” being those few of us writing and speaking on opiate, opioid, and painkiller addiction issues.


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6 Responses to “Deceased Cat Bounce”

  1. Dead Cat Bounce « Michael Jackson Is Dead : Says:

    […] : Dead Cat Bounce […]

  2. More Than Capable Says:

    Why the fuck am I obligated to help anyone, let alone a pill addict?
    The government takes over 40% of my money – let the same weaklings and retards that want the government to run healthcare get their help from geniuses like Barney Frank, John Kerry, Chakka Fattah, John McCain , etc.
    If I still had discretionary income for charity I would consider giving money to help, but I don’t and the government has taken over that role anyway (well outside their constitutional scope of power, I should add).

    Heath care is not a right. My help is not your choice. Weakness and stupid personal decisions should and do have consequences. Turn to your faith, to your church, your friends & family. Just leave me the fuck alone and out of it or I may have to pop my own pills to cope with your inability to be a fucking adult.

    • your a dumb as more capable Says:

      not all people take pain meds just to get high, but our shit ass government should make the the doctors who just write scripts to make a fast buck step up and help people get off of opiates, the meds they have to help you get off them like suboxon is like dollars a pill at the pharmacy,,your crying about helping out people you see everyday maybe one that watch your kids or make your food you dont say a word about a war that is breaking our country, most people can’t turn to there church for many reasons some faith’s won’t help at all but most church’s just want your money….but calling people weak and stupid just shows what kind person your parents raised or didn’t raise so please do us all a favor take your phone cord wrap it around your fucking neck and run for hills..

      • More Capable Than You Says:

        I will let slide your inability to spell, puncutate, and write, but cannot ignore the fact that you take me to task for a perceived lack of compassion by suggesting I kill myself.
        I know your type: only tolerant of those who think and talk and act and dress like you.

        You cannot allow anything you disagree with to enter an argument because all you have is you have is your feelings and your thoughts. Now feelings and thoughts are great, everyone has them, but I dont have to give a fuck about them or respect them or allow my money to go to satisfy your need for everyone to agree with you.

        My very good liberal education taught me about the theory of evolution. The main point of evolution is Survival of the Fittest; nature favors the strong and kills off or allows to die off the weak, the incapable, the worthless to the overall scheme of things. Nature does thi, not me, not some faceless government, and your feelings and opinions can do nothing to stop it.

        Ive dealth with addiction. I know the blog owner personally. I know pain killer addiction intimately. I have seen the strong bring themselves out of it. I have seen the weak drown in it. And I have seen feel-good hand-holding pansies like you make it easier for the weak to continue their own destruction. Coddling a retard doesnt make it any less of a retard, but I guess you were coddled too much yourself.

  3. MEOW Says:

    All I want to do is help my daughters father get off painkillers. Its ruined the person he once was. He passes drug tests with bleach in a vile & has never admitted his addiction with out the law forcing him to. And Im left scanning his eyes after hes dropped off my toddler. His behavior is extremely odd and often inapropriate, pupils pinned.
    I am at him to get help I offer to do whatever it takes…the pain watching his downfall is unbearable. How do I help him?

    I disagree we shouldnt help drug addicts its human relationship that keep us living.
    Until your child is addicted to perk30s with your cash, and your far to busy facing blame in the government for your shortcomings that before you see it, He’s actually moved on to oxy’s. you barley see him once a week because anything he was connected to wouldnt matter more than just feeling normal…begining to shot herion or maybe hes still scared and he’ll only blow it.
    Then you’ll probably wonder who will help you when he’s just a junky who will steal for the ride.

  4. More Than Capable Says Says:

    You let your toddler drive in a vehicle with a known addict?!?

    Now that explains a lot. Nobody has any responsibility in your world. Well, I refuse to help you. I dont blame the government for my own shortcomings; I do accuse them of taking my money under the pretense of helping retards like your baby’s daddy. Your daughter would be better off in the long run if he would just go away. And I dont want my money going to him to make it all right. While you are correct in that human relationships are what make living worthwhile, you have no right to obligate me to care or help. I didnt screw up his life – or yours for that matter. Dont expect me to assume any of the blame or responsibility. Leave that to you and your God and/or family.

    I dont care what he takes or what he has moved on to pill-wise – it really does not matter. Until you and he face the consequences of your choices no amount of money or help will work. I only hope your daughter doesnt have to pay the price too. Too bad you both were able to procreate (that means have babies) before Natural Selection worked its magic.

    I have sympathy for your daughter. She should receive all the love, attention, and resources available to keep her from following in your footsteps. You do her a disservice when you look for reasons and excuses elsewhere. She had no choice in the matter and you should protect her instead of whining.

    And the next time you allow your child to ride with an addict you lose all rights to complain or ask for help. Until you help yourself and take charge of your life and the life of your little girl no amount of outside help is going to make any difference.

    Good luck to you. I hope everything works out for the best; but sometimes “for the best” isnt what you are trying to do because you are part of the problem and stuck in the cycle.

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