DUNMORONS: Real-Time Opposition to Methadone Clinic in Dunmore, PA (Local)

DUNMORE, PA —You people have to see this. Please visit this page* on The Scranton Times-Tribune website, scroll to the bottom, and see the idiotic comments from Dunmore, PA residents regarding the NIMBY opposition to a proposed Methadone clinic in the area.

The story was in the paper this morning, so the comments are getting pretty active. My comments are under the name “Brian”.

I will have more to say on this story shortly.


Scranton Times-Tribune Website

*The Scranton Times-Tribune: Methadone clinic hearing continued after ownership questioned


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3 Responses to “DUNMORONS: Real-Time Opposition to Methadone Clinic in Dunmore, PA (Local)”

  1. Local: Boston group eyes methadone clinic in Dunmore « S W A L L O W Says:

    […] 6/23/09: I have started another post on this topic: DUNMORONS: Real-Time Opposition to Methadone Treatment in Dunmore, PA. – […]

  2. Seamus Says:

    Hey, I’m a Dunmorean and I had been a Mtehadonean for years. It didn’t work for me, but I’ve seen it work for lots of other people. I was introduced to opiates in “Nam”. What worked for me “Suboxone”. Sometimes called “methadone lite” .Available at your local VA. By the way, no addicts is going to hang around Dunmore after they get their dose. That’s the last thing they would want to do.

  3. brian Says:

    Im a local man who drives to nj twice a month for methadone.People think a clinic will bring addicts to the area but because we are the only city in the area that doesnt have one.Why would they come here?.I think a methadone clinic is much needed in this area for the people who cant afford or dont have transportation to get to nj or other clinics in this state.Ive been on it for 7yrs and it is the best thing ive ever done for my addiction.

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