Wiener of the Week: Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper

Look, if you read this blog, you know my opinion: “the jury is still out” on Drug Courts. I have discussed in these pages a lot of problems with the data gathering and survey methodologies used in many of the most-often-cited studies supporting Drug Courts, especially with respect to major issues such as recidivism and treatment outcomes. But you’ve never seen me suggest that Drug Courts should be abandoned in favor of returning to “business-as-usual” prosecutions.

“We don’t have the time and we don’t have the assistant prosecutors…”

Orange County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton

And I still believe they save money. This is what makes the announcement yesterday, by Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, that she would be withdrawing her staff from the county’s [sobriety court] program—effectively shutting it down—worthy of the status of Wiener of the Week.

The problem Drug Courts face right now is that much of the funds required to run the programs come from state and federal grants, which will obviously be facing drastic cuts as the economy continues to backslide and the federal government moves into the banking and auto manufacturing business.

Drug Courts need to become regular state and county budget line items (freeing them from the whims of government grants) and the cuts to make this happen must come from the prison system. This is the only thing that makes sense. There, I said it.


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2 Responses to “Wiener of the Week: Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper”

  1. Larry Sobocinski Says:

    Regarding Jessica Cooper – not surprised she is on the wrong side of history again. Cooper is no longer ruining lives in Family Court at least….but one of her victims (a fugitive mom defending her children against a molester) is in jail in Oakland County under a $1,000,000.00 cash surety bond.

    Yes. $1,000,000.00. CASH! All this poor mother did was protect her children from further rape and sodomy. GOOGLE this, including the quotes:

    “Butki,Laura Ann”

  2. Johnson Says:

    I agree that Jessica Cooper and her staff deserve a weiner — there are people currently being charged with several felonies for scrapping metal in Pontiac whereas people who actually have shot and killed others are only being charged with one felony. So, these scrappers have the potential of serving 30 years whereas a convicted murder will serve a lot less time. Boo hiss to this

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