Local: Boston group eyes methadone clinic in Dunmore

Methadone (C21H27NO)

Methadone (C21H27NO)

UPDATE 6/23/09: I have started another post on this topic – Ed.


Expect the usual armies of NIMBY’s, naysayers, and nincompoops to be out in full force on this one. The great enemies of the misunderstood, craving misunderstanding, anxious to misunderstand. – Ed.


From the Scranton Times-Tribune
by Megan Reiter


A Boston-based health care organization is looking to open a methadone clinic in Dunmore.

Debby Schmidt, director of business development for Habit OPCO, said the “medication-assisted treatment” facility pegged for 116-120 Monahan Ave. will be licensed by the state to initially treat 105 patients, and eventually 250.

Methadone is an opioid medication used to treat pain and addictions to heroin, OxyContin and synthetic opioids.


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2 Responses to “Local: Boston group eyes methadone clinic in Dunmore”

  1. DUNMORONS: Real-Time Opposition to Methadone Treatment in Dunmore, PA (Local) « S W A L L O W Says:

    […] scroll to the bottom, and see the idiotic comments from Dunmore, PA residents regarding the NIMBY opposition to a proposed Methadone clinic in the area. My comments are under the name […]

  2. Marilyn Sullivan Says:

    Debbie Schmidt should be honest about the $300,000 fines that Habit OPCO had to pay in New Jersey due to their urine labs oversights, the fraudulent billing uncovered in the Allentown & Pottstown PA office and the recent suicidal verbalization of a patient at Pottstown that got a counselor fired because it was written in the progress note that the Medical Doctor, Dr. Pierce, did not follow policy & procedure of either 302ing the patient and/or calling the program director. The counselor was fired because the progress note identified the doctor as bring the patient to that counselor’s office for he/she to intervene & when the not was written—the counselor got fired due to fraudulent billing. The counselor was not trained because the Clinical Director was fired two days after being hired, and the program director had no time because she is split between two PA offices.

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