Send Your Drug Court Story to President Obama

The Obama Administration supports expanding the use of drug courts and is currently preparing to submit the fiscal year 2010 budget to Congress. The National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) is vigorously advocating for a $250 Million annual investment in drug court programs. This investment is greatly needed!!

Every drug court professional, graduate, or friend of a drug court can help in this effort by sending a letter to President Obama. This only takes a minute and will have a tremendous impact.

Click Here to show your support for drug court and share your story with the President.

When you are finished be sure to send a link to this post to your colleagues, graduates, friends and family. Every story counts.



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One Response to “Send Your Drug Court Story to President Obama”

  1. Tonie Roberson Says:

    Drug court is great if it will work.Problem is we are dealing with addiction.The addiction has already taken hold of some ones life if they are in drug court.
    The thing with addicts they are very resourceful and if they want to use their going to.The sad truth is 2 out of 10 might make it through drug court.The rest end up in and out of jail or prison until even the probation officer becomes frustrated
    The problem is all the drugs floating out there where the teens are.That is where addiction starts with the kids.However the kids are dying.The drug of choice now is Oxycontin and it’s victims are 20 or younger.

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