Wiener of the Week: Oregon Drug Court Coordinator Emily Davis Cayton

Emily Davis Cayton

Emily Davis Cayton

UPDATE: Cayton was indicted Thursday (10/02/08) on one felony count each for: delivery of methamphetamine, unlawful possession of methamphetamine, first-degree theft, and receiving a bribe. She was also charged with one count of tampering with public records, a misdemeanor.


This is just beautiful. My real choice for Wiener of the Week should probably be whatever Oregon State official hired Ms. Cayton (though she worked as the Drug Court Coordinator for the County, Cayton was an employee of the State Circuit Court System).

People… this is serious. There is a battle currently underway that will likely determine how addicts and other non-violent drug offenders are prosecuted for decades to come. This does not help.

Those who oppose the Drug Court model (and promote the prison-industrial complex) will use any excuse they can find to poke holes in the system. The last thing we need is some flake like Clayton making their job easy.

We’ve seen other government employees, but I don’t recall prosecuting anybody in the court system.”

– Columbia County (Oregon) DA Stephen Atchison

Columbia County (Oregon) narcotics investigators say the Coordinator of the County Drug Court Program sold drug investigation information to drug dealers and users. Emily Davis Cayton, 30, of Scappoose, has been arrested and initially charged with drug possession.

The case could go to a grand jury this week, Columbia County District Attorney Steve Atchison said. Ms. Cayton is currently on paid administrative leave.

Investigators say they were tipped through their own CI (confidential informant) network but are not sure how much information was leaked or what she may have been paid. Investigators said they “sifted through the newly acquired information and built their case against Cayton” and watched her for several weeks.

I will be monitoring this story very closely.


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8 Responses to “Wiener of the Week: Oregon Drug Court Coordinator Emily Davis Cayton”

  1. sara Says:

    Maybe you should get the facts first before you start blogging. All we are hearing is from the media and news. We are all so quick to judge!

  2. swallowed Says:

    Sara, is it? Maybe if YOU weren’t so quick to judge, you would have bothered to read that this is a media analysis site, whereby I “provide a detailed analysis of popular media coverage”. See… that is the whole point… I blog about what is covered IN the media…

    I’ll tell you what I do know FOR SURE though… District Attorneys do not authorize arrest warrants for members of their own court system without some pretty overwhelming evidence.

  3. sara Says:

    We are all so media hungry, we believe EVERYTHING we hear. Yes you are correct about the warrant. Are you really that bored? Pretty sad life. good luck with it.

  4. Brian Says:

    I don’t think this will change programs that deal with drug offenders or affect sentensing, as you can see it affectcs folks in every walk of life and no one is immune to it’s perils. If anything, it would give the public a chance to examine the realities that we face as a society with this horrendous epidemic and the give a chance to develop and refine programs like the one she works for to flourish and help more folks deal with the burden that meth creates in peoples lifes.

  5. Oh... Media. Says:

    Oh, Swallowed…. If you were truly providing a ‘detailed analysis of popular media’ wouldnt you have at least a tid bit of additional data? You include the same information provided in the FALSE press release submitted by the St. Helens POlice Department. Everyone believes what they hear, including YOU. Did you do any research? Did you take the time to look into the facts while conducting your ‘detailed analysis’? If you took the time to conduct a detailed analysis perhaps you would have discovered that Ms. Cayton has ZERO criminal history and at the time of this article had not even been charged with a crime. In fact, she is not even being charged with anything related to selling information to drug dealers. HELLO???

  6. swallowed Says:

    Oh, “Media”… I don’t know why I even take the time to comment-back to clowns like you. What do you NOT understand about how this works? Yes, I published information available elsewhere… that is what I do… I do not have reporters on the ground in Oregon.

    See, I aggregate news stories, printed elsewhere, that are of interest to my thousands of readers… namely those related to drug addiction, treatment, and punishment. Then I assemble them here so my readers can visit one blog, mine, to read news on these issues collected from around the world. That’s the concept. I don’t claim to be an original source on anything.

    I really couldn’t care less about Emily Cayton. What is of interest to myself and my readers is if, and how, this story impacts the reputation of Drug Court Programs, which are very important to those of us interested in addiction and recovery issues.

    As you may or may not know… how negative press works is… whether or not your friend Emily proves innocent or guilty is immaterial. The story is out, and the story will taint the perceptions of the Drug Court System in many peoples’ minds… and provide ammunition for those who would tear that system down.

    As for analysis, right now the story is very thin. As more facts are revealed, I will comment on them in future posts.

    As for research, I read every news item available on this story. And will read every future one. And if it turns out she’s innocent, well I’ll print that too.

    If you have an alternate story, instead of whining, why don’t you send it to me? I have e-mail links all over the site.

    Below are several sources, all saying pretty-much the same thing, which I read, and then posted:

    Fox 12 Oregon: 9/19/08: “Police arrested an Oregon state drug court coordinator on Friday after allegations surfaced that she had leaked information to drug dealers.”

    KATU Portland: 9/20/08: “Columbia County narcotics investigators say the coordinator of the county drug court program sold drug investigation information to drug dealers and users.”

    Northwest News Oregon: 9/20/08: “A drug court employee was arrested on charges she worked for the other side — helping out drug dealing suspects in Columbia County.”

  7. shawn Says:

    I know dale, and i know what he is capable of, when it comes to manipulation. Yes, he is a charming man, and yes, he can talk most women into doing anything that he wants. She is a victim to his influence. just ask his mother she is the same way! but she hides behind the bible. I know I was married to him.

  8. dale Says:

    Emily Cayton arrested on drug charges
    Cayton’s conditional release revoked
    By Cecelia Haack

    The South County Spotlight, Feb 13, 2009

    Former Columbia County drug court coordinator arrested on additional drug charges

    Emily Davis Cayton, 30, of Scappoose, was arrested for possession of drugs on Feb. 11 and lodged in the Columbia County Jail.

    Cayton, the former Columbia County drug court coordinator, was first arrested on Sept. 4, 2008, on charges related to theft and possession of drugs. She was arrested a second time on Sept. 19, 2008 on charges related to attempting to influence the drug court.

    Dale Anderson, chief deputy district attorney, said Cayton was released from jail on Sept. 19, 2008, on a conditional release agreement. She was living on her own in Columbia County from Sept. 19 to until her arrest on Feb. 11.

    On Oct. 2, 2008, she was indicted on one felony count each; for delivery of methamphetamine, unlawful possession of methamphetamine, first-degree theft and receiving a bribe. She was also charged with one count of tampering with public records, a misdemeanor.

    Cayton’s conditional release was revoked on Feb. 13. Anderson said additional charges would likely be filed against her.

    Copyright 2009 Pamplin Media Group, 6605 S.E. Lake Road, Portland, OR 97222 • 503-226-6397

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