Republican and Democrat Formal Party Platforms Support Drug Courts

Both parties endorse Drug Courts.

Both parties endorse Drug Courts.

With the conventions behind them, both Republicans and Democrats have released their 2008 formal party platforms — and both platforms specifically name and endorse Drug Courts as part of their agendas.

These commitments could indicate that Drug Courts will be “taken to scale” as the next Presidential Administration takes office.

  • The GOP (Republican) platform includes “endorsing state and local initiatives, such as Drug Courts that use innovative techniques to treat addiction.”
  • The Democratic platform commits to get “youth and nonviolent offenders back on track” and to “restore funding… and expand the use of Drug Courts and rehabilitation programs.”

It is a major step forward for Drug Courts to be endorsed so explicitly in a document as high-profile as a political party platform. Written platforms purport to outline [for voters] the directions in which a given party will go if they are voted into office.

What remains to be seen, is if there will be any real action behind these written words.

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