Wiener of the Week

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Carbon County

This Week’s Wiener Winner: Carbon County Residents

CARBON COUNTY, PA – NIMBY’s (Not In My Back Yard!)… I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry when it comes to these people. Carbon County “neighbors” flooded the Kidder Township Municipal Building earlier this week, with their attorney Carole Walbert—who incidentally has aspirations for the bench—in tow.

What was all this exercising of civic responsibility about, you ask? The huge turnout was orchestrated to appeal a zoning permit granted to Pinnacle Treatment Centers for a proposed methadone clinic in the area.

“We feel this is just going to bring the city problems out here where we have little crime. We came here because we like it that way.”

-Henry Westendarp (Kidder Township, PA)

Do these people really believe they can isolate themselves from the problems of drug addiction simply by opposing every proposal for methadone clinics, half-way houses, etc. that comes along? This is so typical of the “ignore it and it will go away” mentality that plagues our region.

I suppose these citizens have actually convinced themselves that drug addiction is not a problem in their community. Drug problems are something other people have, right? Certainly not us! We are good people.

Dear readers, treatment and education are the only way we will ever impact the scourge of drug addiction. These Carbon County residents could use a little education on treatment.


WNEP TV: Residents Resist Drug Clinic

Image courtesy Wikipedia


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