THROOP, PA — Two women were arrested Thursday for selling prescription painkillers out of their Ridge Street home, police said



Those of you, who have been reading my stuff for awhile, probably know the deal here—the rest of you, allow me to clue you in. The principles in this story are Nancy Gutknecht, a 63 year-old grandmother, and her granddaughter Rose, 23.

Author’s note: The following is pure speculation on my part, and all names have been changed to protect the innocent.

On with it then… Grandma “Nanci” lives on an extremely fixed-income, as many seniors do in this area, and in similar areas all across America. Most likely through granddaughter “Roze”, Nanci discovers that her monthly supply of painkillers prescribed by her doctor—and procured using what little money she can manage to scrape together (even with Medicaid, a private insurer, or both, painkillers are often prohibitively expensive) — are worth somewhere between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars to the ever growing population of painkiller-addicted souls in her neighborhood.

Nanci can either ignore this fact, which is probably made more difficult by the never-ending prodding of Roze (who probably has no shortage of “acquaintances” prodding her), and go on about living her happy little below-the-poverty-line life … or double-or-triple her monthly income by pawning off some or all of her painkillers for cash.

Am I condoning this? Absolutely not. But what I am saying is that we need to look a little bit beneath the surface here and decide if these people are criminals in the traditional sense, and if not, what we should be doing for them (notice I said for them, not with them).

As long as strong opiate-based painkillers continue to be handed out like candy to anyone with a cramp or muscle spasm, and drug rehab remains 5-star expensive (not to mention a heavy stigma), and seniors continue to be forced into making monthly life-or-death decisions regarding their unaffordable but necessary prescriptions, stories like the one above will only continue to become more commonplace.


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One Response to “THROOP, PA — Two women were arrested Thursday for selling prescription painkillers out of their Ridge Street home, police said”

  1. Monique Says:

    I am totally with you. One definitely needs to look deeper into the hidden motivations behind these types of behaviour.

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