Man robs New Smyrna pharmacy of painkillers

Let me tell you guys how this works. Anyone who thinks these high-risk pharmacy robberies we increasingly hear about are about partying, or dealing for money, or “drug rings”, has absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

Here is the deal: Patient “Joe” goes to Pain Management after a car accident or minor surgery. Pain Management Doc prescribes OxyContin (hey, doctors like to golf right?). As the OxyContin loses its effect, the Doc ups the dosage. Then Joe wakes up one day and even the retardedly-high dosage the Doc has him on doesn’t kill the pain.

To combat this, Joe takes some extra pills. Then, after running out of his pills, he tries to get them refilled early. The Doc learns of this, and “dismisses” Joe from treatment. Joe is now at the height of an overwhelming heroin-like painkiller addiction, with no immediate means to obtain his meds. Follow logically from here…

No, this is not everyone’s story, there are many. Losing insurance coverage, relocating and trying to find a new physician, etc. The common thread is that most of these Pain Docs don’t want the “hassle” or exposure of treating a patient who has become “addicted”—so after helping patients build up their obscene habit, and collecting unimaginable fees from their insurance company in the process, they cut the patients loose and dump them into the community.

Welcome to America!



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  1. heroin addiction Says:

    […] we increasingly hear about are about partying, or dealing for money, or ???drug rings???, has Senate Weighs Facilities For Heroin, OxyContin Addicts WCSH 6 PortlandBOSTON AP — The […]

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