Pa. high court urged to block Sheetz beer license

Who gives a shit? Seriously. Look, I don’t drink, so I really have no personal stake in this issue—other than the tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars (my money) that this foolishness represents.

First off, the Commonwealth has ridiculous and antiquated alcohol and liquor laws. Does anyone really believe that capping the number of 6-packs you can buy at one time, or restricting Sunday sales, will have any effect on alcohol consumption? And if not, why are these “laws” in place in the first place?

The answers seem to point in the usual direction, directly at “special interests”. This time it’s “The Pennsylvania Malt Beverage Distributors Association”… sounds like a credible organization, doesn’t it?

Look, people who want to drink will drink. In fact, my opinion is that some of these restrictions, like that on Sunday sales, increase consumption. Why? Because drinkers knowing in advance that it is difficult to purchase alcohol on Sunday usually stock-up on Friday or Saturday.

With all the serious problems that face the Commonwealth as a result of alcoholism, are we really supposed to care whether a retailer selling 6-packs is classified as a gas station, or as a deli, or as a… whatever?

Note to Commonwealth Court: get your heads out of your asses.



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  1. Pa. high court urged to block Sheetz beer license Says:

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