Just say ‘No’ to drugs, judge tells addict; Woman gets 9 months, advice to heed Nancy Reagan

This is a major problem. It is bad enough that the average citizen believes that addicts can “just say no”—when the legal system follows this simplistic doctrine when handing out sentences, it becomes an entirely different problem.

Although many people may take delight in “punishing” addicts, if we (the government represents us remember?) truly want to do what is best for society, then imprisonment is foolish.

Why? After spending the atrocious amount of money to house the “criminal” (often more expensive than college), we are still releasing an addict back into the general public at the end of their sentence. You may have a “dry” or “clean” addict, but you still have an addict. And without benefit of treatment it is only a matter of time before an addict “picks up”, starting the whole vicious cycle all over again.

Anyone reading this post, if you have any input on legal policy in your county, I strongly recommend looking into the concept of Treatment Courts. Not only are these “drug courts” better for the addicts, they are better, cheaper, and safer for the taxpayer as well.

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One Response to “Just say ‘No’ to drugs, judge tells addict; Woman gets 9 months, advice to heed Nancy Reagan”

  1. Michelle Jordan Says:

    The county I live in believes in the lock em up mentality. I was incarcerated in Madison County Alabama all year for possession charges. I could have participated in the drug court program there which would have cleared my record, and I would have participated in much needed counseling for my addiction upon successful completion of the drug court program. I would also have been able to start my life over in a new place, but Lincoln County denied my request to let my charges run concurrent with my sentence in Madison County. Lincoln County does not have a drug court program. They only have a jail they are willing to throw you away in. I am not a violent criminal. My only charges are possession, petty theft, and violation of probation. I have never been violent. I have been in the system for about 2 years of my life. I want help. I want to start my life over. I do not understand why they would not let me. If anyone knows how to help me, please let me know.

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