Prescription painkiller: ‘poor man’s heroin’ or wonder drug?

I can’t begin to tell you how sick I am of this shit. This “poor man’s heroin” shit. Just another example of how the “media” know exactly squat about addiction. Even though most of them have their own little pills rattling around in their pocketbooks and pockets. Let me tell you something. Oxy’s traditionally go (depending on geography and market availability like everything else) for half of their milligram content. So, Oxy 40’s go for $20, Oxy 80’s for $40, and so on. Depending how desperate the buyer is, I’ve seen 80’s go for $65 apiece!

Almost anywhere you can get a $25 bag of heroin that will blow a $40 Oxy out of the water. OxyContin is NOT the poor man’s heroin. Heroin is the poor man’s heroin. In nearly all markets Oxy’s are more expensive. What they ARE is safer (you know exactly what you are getting), pure pharmaceutical grade (not stepped on with some random bullshit), and less intimidating.

In other words, Oxy’s often can be much less risky, for some even legal, to obtain (hey, I was out of my mind for 3 years without breaking a single law). Where a bag requires a visit with the big, bad, heroin dealer (like your neighbor Bill the tax accountant for instance)—some individuals simply swipe their Oxy’s off of their injured, or cancer-ridden relatives. Or even buy them from the old lady down the street who’s trying to decide between eating cat food for dinner or getting her refills at Wal-Mart. Oxy’s are not on the Wal-Mart $4 plan—trust me. But… addicts with game (read: all addicts) often get their insurance company to buck-up (try getting heroin with a co-pay). And finally, unlike heroin that needs to be shot, snorted, or smoked (very intimidating to the inexperienced user)… Oxy’s can simply be swallowed.



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