Relistor Helps Ease Painkiller- Related Constipation

Well here is some good news. One of the more annoying side effects of high-dosing opiates is the constipation. In fact, if you don’t keep an eye on this little inconvenience, and let it get out-of-hand, you can end up “impacted”. Fecal impaction is a complication of constipation in which the stool hardens and can no longer be eliminated with normal bowel movements. Now there’s a party. Nothing like ending up at the emergency room having shit spooned out of your ass. Or better-yet, in surgery. Lovely.

The best news though? Relistor is administered intravenously! What a great idea! Lets take a bunch of pill-poppers, so far gone on opiates that they can’t even shit, and introduce them to needles. Brilliant! What could go wrong? What planet do these fucking people live on?



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